For Physicians

Partnering with Physicians Since 1992

At Golden Hills Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, our longstanding relationship with our community of referring physicians is built on trust, good communication and the shared goal of providing the best possible care to patients.

Our approach is to design individualized and goal-oriented programs that enhance our patients’ active lifestyles. In fact, we believe that physical activity is a way for patients to not only maintain a healthy lifestyle, but to create work-life or school-life balance and forge valuable relationships. This simple philosophy is part of everything we do and shapes the culture of our clinic. It also maximizes the contribution of each employee, stimulates the creativity and innovation required to bring the most value to our patients and gives us a competitive advantage in the San Jose and Silicon Valley physical therapy communities.

In addition, our therapists have expertise in treating patients with especially difficult or complicated conditions, including patients traveling to receive medical care at the Bay Area’s premier medical research facilities such as Stanford Medical Center and UCSF.

On this website, you’ll find information about our patient-friendly approach to physical therapy care, our state-of-the-art facility and our knowledgeable staff so that you can make an informed decision about including us as part of an effective patient care plan. You will also find resources, like our monthly physical therapy publication Golden Hills Journal, to help you communicate with your patients about the benefits of beginning a physical therapy program.

If you’d like more information or would like to visit our clinic, please contact us today at (408) 274-0888 or and we’ll be happy to help you.