Whether you are looking for a physical therapist, PT aide, front office or back office position, we strive to look for a mutual fit. It is the best way to assure all around success and a remarkable experience. We ensure that our short and long term goals align with each employee so that we can build a career and an organization together (mutually benefiting, creating a win-win case). We believe that our management’s job is to offer an environment that enables you to realize your maximum potential.

We are here to serve you and build your career. Experience the power of family-like small business. Have autonomy and build lifelong memories. You can influence decisions and enjoy practicing PT. We strongly believe that each individual’s role is not limited by the roles and responsibilities, but goes beyond to truly exhibit ownership traits and give back to the community. Compensation is a reflection of each individual’s contribution to revenue, and will be reflected appropriately. We have performance reviews that are designed to align with each employee’s career roadmap.

PTLA Candidates

We are a clinical site and have APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructors. Over the past decade, we have mentored several foreign trained physical therapists. We have designed a program that has been very successful at creating exceptional physical therapists.

Foreign trained PTLA candidates are encouraged to apply.

Current Job Openings

We have opportunities in the fields of physical therapy, athletic training, billing and front office management. If you love working with patients and are enthusiastic, a team player and looking for the opportunity to expand your manual skills and your individual growth, contact us today at (408) 274-0888 or The current job openings at this location are listed below:

Full-Time Physical Therapy Aide

Part-Time Front Office Assistant