We are committed to offer you and your loved ones the highest quality of care and an experience to exceed your expectations. We are humble to listen, accept and tirelessly strive to improve. We value your feedback very much. Share your experience with your physicians, friends and family if you like our service. If there are certain expectations you had, please do let us know as well. Your feedback helps us improve at our services, so please let us know about how we are doing.

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“Golden Hills is a place where I feel accepted by the entire staff and even other patients. The therapy there is more than physical.”

Carlos MedeirosPatient

“After a fall at work that caused me to have multiple injuries, I was fortunate to be sent to Golden Hills for physical therapy and recovery. The entire staff are well-trained and dedicated to helping people learn to cope with many types of injuries. From treatment and exercise to personal attention and encouragement, each person is treated with respect and help in all parts of recovery. I would recommend anyone to work with this team.”

Barbara Stanley-AblePatient

“The compassionate care I have received at Golden Hills has proven to be therapy for my spirit as well as for my body.”

Kathleen HomenPatient

“Two years ago my daughter injured her knee. We were sent to Golden Hills Physical Therapy. My first question was ‘Do you work with children and young adults?’ …. We quickly learned how well Golden Hills did work with children. …. It is truly a special place where kids can get help and feel good about their progress.”

Lana TerryPatient

“Golden Hills Physical Therapy is the best thing that’s happened to me. Without the therapy, I would not have made it with work activities and even now at home. They listen to you and they care.”

Angie JuarezPatient

“Robin, your wonderful smile and cool demeanor always made coming to Golden Hills a great experience. Right when I arrive, you and Darlene always lifted my spirits whenever I felt down from my injuries. Saad I want to thank you for being an integral part of my recovery. You've taught me the proper way of strengthening the surrounding muscles of my elbow and knee. Without that I wouldn't be able to get the use of my left arm back or walk without pain. Thank you so much. “

AnnaLiza LabadorPatient

“When a friend referred me to Golden Hills Physical Therapy she said, It's a little far from your house, but it's worth it. Saad Shaban is hands down, the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. His philosophy of not comparing my progress with others has saved me from feeling discouraged. His vision of making sure I am able to use my body as it was intended, has made me enthusiastic about each new, practical, everyday function I achieve. It's not about how high you can raise your arm, but how you use it to perform everyday tasks that measure your success, he said. When I mentioned I was having trouble putting dishes away, Saad devised a new way of doing an old exercise that would simulate the movement I needed. He is always looking and listening. When he sees or hears something that requires his attention, he will design a solution to solve the problem. His manner is always gentle, encouraging and enthusiastic. He owns and celebrates each new achievement with me. It's such a pleasure to go there; it's definitely hard work, but it's enjoyable because the entire team is supportive, friendly and professional. If you want to achieve your rehabilitation goals, then Golden Hills Physical Therapy is the answer. It has definitely been worth the longer drive.”

Barbara JacobsPatient

“Thanks for your great effort.”

George Griffin, MDOrthopedic Surgeon

“The one and only place I consider sending my patients. The best.”

Mike Losey, MDInternist

“I want to thank you … for the good quality and efficient service that you provide my patients.”

Ramon L. Jimenez, MDOrthopedic Surgeon

“… extremely accomodating to the patients, extremely professional, and most importantly did an outstanding job with their therapy services.”

Jeffrey S. Kanel, MDOrthopedic Surgeon

“You are one of the best therapy offices in town. I’d send all my patients there if I could.”

Edward C. Littlejohn, MDOrthopedic Surgeon

“We are sending our patients to Golden Hills Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy whenever possible. Their treatment is outstanding. The patients recover well, and with what appears to be fewer treatments than other physical therapy centers.”

Philip F. Mac, MDInternist

“The website is excellent. Very informative and looks great!”

Vijay Thukral, MDInternal Medicine

“Good job! Keep up the good work.”

Jeffrey T. Holmes, MDOrthopedic Surgeon

“Our patients are pleased with your services. We appreciate how fast you are able to accommodate people.”

Adrienne Sabin, DPM