We’ve developed the following new patient information in order to serve you better, protect your privacy, keep our fees low and provide you with the best care possible. If you have any questions regarding our policies, please ask. We’re here to help in any way we can.

How to Get Started? What to Expect?

Your first visit is an evaluation and the follow up visits are treatment. At your first visit, you may expect to fill out paperwork for about 10-15 minutes. It is also recommended to wear comfortable clothing so that you can do exercises comfortably, and your therapist can evaluate you properly. The therapist may ask you a list of questions and assess movement to understand your condition accurately. Physical therapists determine and implement your plan of care from hereon. Physical therapist aides will be present on the floor to assist you with your exercises and modalities such as heat/cold packs as well. Our staff is multilingual and may be able to help with any communication as needed.

Have a Prescription?

See how you can start quickly and conveniently so you can get better faster. Call us or email us and we will get you started.

Scheduling Appointments

We strongly recommend that you make your appointments well in advance. This will guarantee the best time and day for you. Our early morning and evening appointments fill up first.


We request a minimum of 24-hours notice if you can’t make your scheduled appointment. This allows us to fill that slot with another patient who may be in need of therapy.

Office Records & Chart Notes

All of your records are strictly confidential. If you would like us to process your insurance claims, we must have a signed authorization allowing us to send pertinent information to your insurance company.

Want to start but still have questions?

No problem, come in for a free consultation.

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